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A rare disease, now treatable thanks to a valiant international effort, offers a window into the metabolism of fat.

New genetic sequencing technologies have opened the door to animal venom therapies.

The reference genome is bracing for its next leap forward. Geneticist Ting Wang wants the process to embrace both science and social equity.

Most genetic research has focused people of European descent. Some are fighting to bring discarded data from other groups back to the table.

The model tissues, barely a decade old, have become more clever and complex—and increasingly useful.

Medical journals have a blind spot when it comes to race. But a blueprint for change is beginning to emerge.

Genetically engineered microbes could create miniature drug factories inside the gut. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Can studying salamanders and spiny mice help humans grow new limbs? Answer: It’s complicated.

For decades, researchers have looked at social factors to explain the greater presence of disease in Black populations. But the stress of experiencing racism causes great harm, too.