Primary Care

Patients, legally, now have online access to all their clinical records. But full transparency is still a work in progress.

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss a shortage of primary care physicians and how to address the problem.

Long the bedrock of medicine, the practice of primary care has been in need of a reinvention. Several models show promise. None of them will be cheap.

Should primary care physicians be trained to spot unusual, medically important cases?

Physician-chef Rani Polak explains why clinicians should learn cooking skills—and teach them to patients.

Talking and texting while driving cost hundreds of lives every year. Should physicians intervene before those accidents happen?

Telehealth could be coming to a computer near you.

MGH’s pioneering telestroke network brings virtual consultations to outlying hospitals

Many doctors and patients still swear by an annual visit. But this expensive habit may not be the best way to head off disease.

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