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Patients with terminal cancer now have more treatment options. Will that help or hurt?

Patients, legally, now have online access to all their clinical records. But full transparency is still a work in progress.

A global pandemic treaty—a health plan on par with nuclear
and climate deals—is now in the works. Does it stand a chance?

Policymakers call for algorithms in health care to become more transparent. But at what cost?

If a simple latch breaks, a lifesaving device could be down for months. Should hospitals be allowed to fix their machines themselves?

An unconventional new model makes industry meetups a key part of medical device regulation.

Massachusetts broke ground on mandatory vaccination in 1905. History may repeat itself with COVID-19.

For decades, a tiny encampment of researchers has held that statin treatment is a hoax. In a time when contrarian views roar to life on social media, how can medicine keep minority opinions from doing irreparable harm?

As practice goes digital, so too does a brutal workplace hazard.

During the lockdowns, virtual care took a giant step forward. Can it surmount the obstacles ahead?