Taking organs from another species and making them work in humans is potentially a quantum leap in medicine. Here’s a summary of what got us there.

New drugs for fatty liver may offer the first skirmish in a growing epidemic.

If transplant organs could be kept fresher for longer, they could help thousands more on waitlists.

Transplanting healthy human feces became a breakthrough treatment for C. diff infection. Now researchers ask—can it do more?

The first U.S. penis transplant didn’t save a life, but it vastly improved one, opening a frontier for complex transplants.

Antirejection medicines may someday be unnecessary for transplant patients. But some body parts pose more of a challenge than others.

These medical breakthroughs made a penis transplant possible.

After major breakthrough in gene editing, pig organs show new promise for use in humans.

The first issue of Proto looked at the promise of transplanting organs from other species. What’s happened since then?

“Lung washing” is keeping donated lungs alive longer.

Recent procedures bring new hope to face transplant candidates.

An experimental protocol fools the immune system into accepting a new organ without debilitating drugs. Could it become routine?

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