Personal Essays

A woman finds therapeutic value in sledgehammers and broken plates.

Mental health treatment for medical practitioners will never be the same.

After 40 days in a coma, one COVID-19 patient faces what he feels is a bigger challenge—the isolation of treatment in a pandemic.

A bed-bound nurse reflects on falling sick in the time of COVID-19.

A solo traveler is bitten by a rabid dog and must navigate her care abroad.

A chronic condition gives rise to a woman’s “doctor shopping” checklist.

A man with cancer faces the logistics of dying at home.

A wary patient has a hard time telling her doctors the truth.

A patient seeks treatment while trying to observe the Sabbath.

An anorexic patient struggles with a seemingly unsympathetic doctor.

A family regroups—and heals—as a daughter recovers from surgery.

Top Stories

Genomic analysis details how SARS-CoV-2 spread through Boston.

They represent a small minority of victims. But their illness could hold valuable lessons about how COVID-19 works—and how to stop it.

A pristine record of toxic exposures and psychological trauma rests in a child’s mouth—if only it can be decoded.

Selected Reads

For decades, a tiny encampment of researchers has held that statin treatment is a hoax. In a time when contrarian views roar to life on social media, how can medicine keep minority opinions from doing irreparable harm?

Two years in deep space will subject the body to unprecedented stresses. Scientists are probing the secrets to survival.

A freak explosion tore through the quiet Nova Scotian city, prompting one of the most dramatic medical responses in history.