Medical Economics

The economic pinch weakened hospitals and providers. How can we build them up again?

Why is it so hard to eliminate waste, even when physicians agree on how to do it?

There’s no question that financial support for young scientists leads to medical breakthroughs. But now that formula is broken.

A low ebb in funding for young scientists resists easy answers.

Photographer Walter Arnold captures the beauty of a forsaken hospital.

Drug prices are increasing at a historic rate. Should (and can) they be capped?

Scientific funding has hit a long rough patch. The director of the MGH Research Institute explores alternative ways to provide sustainable and rewarding careers for the next generation of scientists.

When it comes to the cost of treatments, hospitals struggle to give customers a straight answer.

MGH tests new waters with its pioneer program for “complex” patients.

Disease foundations that use a venture capital model get a stake in the breakthroughs they fund. Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Kenneth Arrow discusses the current state of the health care industry.

New York City’s medical research community picks up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy destroys decades of work.

Top Stories

For a century, carefully selected MGH patient histories have illuminated the art of medicine.

The final illness of the physician and author happens 100 years after the greatest outbreak of encephalitis lethargica.

They represent a small minority of victims. But their illness could hold valuable lessons about how COVID-19 works—and how to stop it.

Selected Reads

For decades, a tiny encampment of researchers has held that statin treatment is a hoax. In a time when contrarian views roar to life on social media, how can medicine keep minority opinions from doing irreparable harm?

Two years in deep space will subject the body to unprecedented stresses. Scientists are probing the secrets to survival.

A freak explosion tore through the quiet Nova Scotian city, prompting one of the most dramatic medical responses in history.