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Even in his new national advisor role, the former NIH director maintains a pipeline of personal research projects.

Large trials deliver results based on averages, not individuals. The N-of-1 model is a plucky—but labor-intensive—way to right the system.

Proton therapy has been a cutting-edge cancer therapy for decades. Can researchers at last zero in on its best applications?

Medical research labs have faced a difficult stretch of closed buildings and competing priorities. Yet they have also produced milestone discoveries—and not only on COVID-19.

As the first COVID-19 patients arrived, pressure mounted to discover how the disease worked and how it could be beaten back.

Toxic work environments are bad for science. Morteza Mahmoudi is on a crusade to clean them up.

Given half a chance, non-scientists can also make discoveries that move medicine forward.

Peter L. Slavin discusses why funding research is key to America’s future.

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana on the science and importance of Lyme disease.

In most cases, antibiotics do the trick. But when they don’t, symptoms can be devastating. New research aims to discover why.