Acts of rudeness are on the rise in medicine. Can a civility push lead to a healthier workplace?

Can medical AI on the battlefield make sound decisions about who lives or dies?

To reduce burnout and retain staff, should hospitals embrace on-site childcare?

Burnout, the pandemic and other pressures have sent record numbers of health care workers rushing for the exits. What would make them stay?

Data altruism sounds like a good idea. But can the strategy effectively be put into practice?

Experts comment on “The Trust Crisis” and call for rebuilding trust within health care.

New digital and hybrid approaches to clinical trials are quickly gaining ground. Are they moving too fast?

More and more, international research partnerships are hamstrung by politics. Sir Peter Gluckman from the International Science Council explains why they must persevere.

Is the current spike in highway deaths connected to more widespread cannabis use? Testing obstacles have stood in the way of knowing for sure. That may soon change.

An architect explores the foibles and potential of modern hospital design, in conjunction with a running exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt museum.

Since its arrival in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has already passed a dozen “million” milestones. Together, they tell a story that is far from over.

Patients with terminal cancer now have more treatment options. Will that help or hurt?

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