Linda Keslar

New digital and hybrid approaches to clinical trials are quickly gaining ground. Are they moving too fast?

Respect for the advice of medical authorities has hit a new low. What happened, and how can it rebound?

A global pandemic treaty—a health plan on par with nuclear
and climate deals—is now in the works. Does it stand a chance?

Medical journals have a blind spot when it comes to race. But a blueprint for change is beginning to emerge.

As practice goes digital, so too does a brutal workplace hazard.

Every nation has had its own experience of COVID-19. The stories of Denmark, a model of socialized care, and Rwanda, a bright spot among developing nations, both hold wider lessons for the world.

In the wake of a landmark year of activism, medical schools, hospitals and the research establishment are seeking to excise racial discrimination. How well have they done?

A novel coronavirus would come to affect every ward, clinician, researcher and patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

As the first COVID-19 patients arrived, pressure mounted to discover how the disease worked and how it could be beaten back.

When the caseload began to ease, clinicians came to grips with the new normal as researchers set their sights on ending the pandemic for good.