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Weight loss strategies have always put diet and exercise center stage. Can two new drugs change the medical mindset about obesity?

A new generation of research looks at psilocybin, LSD and other mind-altering drugs. Both the challenges and the therapeutic promise are enormous.

Is there any hope for saving wasted medications?

Robert Lefkowitz is best known for revealing the mechanism behind hundreds of drugs in use today. But he thinks of himself as a storyteller first and has a new book out to make his case.

The idea of having computers design new therapies has slowly been gaining ground. In the COVID-19 crisis, it may have found its moment.

An engineered model of human physiology hits an important milestone.

COVID-19 treatment trials will need to be nimble. Is this the moment for adaptive designs to step into the limelight?

Addiction treatment comes with its own strict privacy rules. Perhaps it shouldn’t.

Physician Mark Eisenberg discusses the furor over (and the desperate need for) safer injection sites.

Beneath the hype is a technology that could solve many logistical problems that plague medicine.