Number of patients housed and sometimes lavishly fed in the 12th-century Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem. Monks were to treat each patient “as if he were a lord,” which might involve serving the patients chicken with saffron.


Percent increase in demand for gluten-free and vegetarian meals in 2016 in the Northeast, according to a survey of 184 U.S. institutions. In western states, demand for local sourcing was up 57%, and there was also a 51% rise in demand for global cuisine.


Acres devoted to growing organic produce for the six St. Luke’s University Health Network hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The farm, in its third growing season, harvests more than 45,000 pounds of produce that is served in cafeterias and to the hospitals’ patients.


On-site fast-food found in a survey of 262 public and private hospitals. Some restaurants have signed leases that encourage maximizing fast-food sales and award the host hospital 5% of gross income that exceeds about $1 million in sales.


Percent of patients at Rex Hospital in North Carolina who would recommend the hospital, compared with 71% nationally. Hospital leadership believes the satisfaction rate rose in part because of a focus on better food, including a large, varied menu from which patients can order at any time.