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Respect for the advice of medical authorities has hit a new low. What happened, and how can it rebound?

Patients, legally, now have online access to all their clinical records. But full transparency is still a work in progress.

Some people who lose loved ones to COVID-19 will face an inconsolable grief—a second epidemic the nation is poorly prepared to handle.

A son finds that his father’s alcoholism complicates efforts at elder care during the pandemic.

Shirlene Obuobi—cartoonist and physician—shows how dark days sometimes call for a light touch.

The dangers of COVID-19 go beyond the physical risks, especially for those with psychiatric health needs.

A solo traveler is bitten by a rabid dog and must navigate her care abroad.

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss a shortage of primary care physicians and how to address the problem.

Long the bedrock of medicine, the practice of primary care has been in need of a reinvention. Several models show promise. None of them will be cheap.

Near-death experiences have been the domain of pseudoscience. But clinicians ignore them at their peril.