It has been a year and a half since Apple launched ResearchKit, a software framework to connect medical researchers with iPhone users. It gives academic teams a simple way to make apps that can collect health data from the users who download them.  


Million iPhone users who live in the United States; 231 million iPhones were sold globally in 2015.


Enrollees who signed up using Stanford Medicine’s MyHeart Counts app, which measures heart rate, exercise and other factors of cardiovascular health, during its first 24 hours on the App Store. After six months, 100,000 users were participating in that and other ResearchKit studies.


Glucose value readings contributed via GlucoSuccess, a ResearchKit app created by investigators from CATCH (Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health) at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Number of staff needed to enroll the 2,700+ type 2 diabetics in the GlucoSuccess study. Participants downloaded the app and gave informed consent on their phones.


People who downloaded mPower, a Parkinson’s disease research-gathering app. mPower is now one of the largest Parkinson’s studies in history.