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COVID vaccines happened in record time. Could the next be even more rapid?

The reference genome is bracing for its next leap forward. Geneticist Ting Wang wants the process to embrace both science and social equity.

Computer-generated nonsense studies and other fake papers find their way into the scientific literature all too often. A few crusading researchers are fighting back.

Most genetic research has focused people of European descent. Some are fighting to bring discarded data from other groups back to the table.

Patients, legally, now have online access to all their clinical records. But full transparency is still a work in progress.

The model tissues, barely a decade old, have become more clever and complex—and increasingly useful.

Policymakers call for algorithms in health care to become more transparent. But at what cost?

An unconventional new model makes industry meetups a key part of medical device regulation.

During the lockdowns, virtual care took a giant step forward. Can it surmount the obstacles ahead?

Satellite data can be used to assess the health impact of dust storms and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Additional applications could be on the horizon.