Timothy Gower

A rare disease, now treatable thanks to a valiant international effort, offers a window into the metabolism of fat.

New genetic sequencing technologies have opened the door to animal venom therapies.

New research looks into young people’s anxiety around environmental collapse.

Women surgeons face discrimination, harassment, and difficult personal choices—frustrations examined in a spate of new studies.

The use of energy waves in medicine leapt forward with the contributions of two Bulfinch pioneers.

An unconventional new model makes industry meetups a key part of medical device regulation.

More research into coordination disorders shows why some children are more prone to trip, fumble and spill the milk.

A novel coronavirus would come to affect every ward, clinician, researcher and patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

As the first COVID-19 patients arrived, pressure mounted to discover how the disease worked and how it could be beaten back.

When the caseload began to ease, clinicians came to grips with the new normal as researchers set their sights on ending the pandemic for good.