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Researchers are untangling how animals can live in the Arctic and Antarctic cold. The applications for human medicine could be vast.

Stroke researchers marvel at what hibernating animals can do. Now they’re searching for strategies that would benefit patients.

Some components of blood can be measured without a needle stick. Now an innovation in light-based methods could make even more of them visible.

An invention for the battlefields of World War I led to the modern blood transfusion.

The long search for a blood substitute could take a major step forward this year.

Red blood cells are free to ferry oxygen around the body, an enviable access that can be hijacked to deliver new therapies.

A Boston lab looks to the plucky and omnipresent red blood cell for a new generation of therapies.

A new foam technology might prolong life for those wounded on the battlefield.

Researchers in Scotland have used stem cells to culture blood artifically

In 1907, a surgeon and an intern discovered why cells sickle after they noticed something odd.