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For decades, researchers have looked at social factors to explain the greater presence of disease in Black populations. But the stress of experiencing racism causes great harm, too.

The fledgling field of chronotherapy—timing drugs to a patient’s circadian rhythms—may yet come to the aid of those at risk from the virus.

Poor sleep affects almost half of the country, and solutions have been hard to come by. Tracing the problem to its genetic roots may stop the tossing and turning.

People with drug addictions produce more of a certain brain chemical—and research may point to new ways to block it.

Indoor light can affect health in good ways and bad. Photobiologist Mariana Figueiro wants to get patients the optimal exposure.

A barrage of well-timed noises may, surprisingly, make for a more restful night’s sleep.

Restless legs syndrome continues to puzzle, even with the recent publication of the first clinical guidelines for the disease.

Researchers are narrowing in on a compelling explanation for narcolepsy: the body at war with itself.

Repeatedly waking up costs sufferers not only a good night’s rest, but their health and money as well.

With insomnia drugs yielding bizarre side effects, sleepwalking has wandered back into public consciousness.