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Are there echoes of the “cholera riots” in the age of COVID-19?

The first surge of COVID-19 led to burnout, debilitating stress and suicide among hospital workers. How can we protect them better as infections once again start to rise?

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss a shortage of primary care physicians and how to address the problem.

Long the bedrock of medicine, the practice of primary care has been in need of a reinvention. Several models show promise. None of them will be cheap.

Obesity expert Fatima Cody Stanford looks at how physician bias around weight causes harm to patients.

A chronic condition gives rise to a woman’s “doctor shopping” checklist.

The California Death Certificate Project is finding the physicians associated with opioid overdoses. Is it justice or a witch hunt?

Roderic Pettigrew is training a new hybrid specialty—half physician, half engineer.

Three physician bloggers consider where social media and medicine meet.

“Disabled” doctors? They don’t like the term or the implication, and their careers have been anything but limited.