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Weight loss strategies have always put diet and exercise center stage. Can two new drugs change the medical mindset about obesity?

A wave of research shows how a pregnancy can be put at risk by drinking, diet and exposures to toxins—on the part of the male.

Obesity expert Fatima Cody Stanford looks at how physician bias around weight causes harm to patients.

The critical shortage of organs isn’t going away. Revising the current guidelines about who should be a donor—and who should be a recipient—might save lives.

New drugs for fatty liver may offer the first skirmish in a growing epidemic.

It seems as if salt should lead to weight loss, not weight gain. But a more complex metabolic picture is coming into focus.

The risk of dying from heart disease varies dramatically from one ZIP code to the next. Researchers are teasing apart the reasons why.

A high-fat, high-sugar diet can cause harm to the hippocampus—and that may lead, perversely, to even worse impulses around unhealthy food.

It’s serious research disguised as diet fad: the notion that special tissue—which not everyone has—can help burn off pounds.

Who will be the first to tap the potential of brown fat?