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Character traits can influence heart health, cognitive decline and other health factors. Are people prisoners of their dispositions?

How does the brain remember? As memory disorders become more common, the research race is on to determine how the process works, what can go wrong and how worn memories can be made whole again.

In France, a home for people with dementia is designed from the ground up.

A barrage of well-timed noises may, surprisingly, make for a more restful night’s sleep.

A high-fat, high-sugar diet can cause harm to the hippocampus—and that may lead, perversely, to even worse impulses around unhealthy food.

Regular exercise has long been associated with better brain function, but researchers are only now piecing together how and why that happens.

Fifty years ago, Terje Lømo made a breakthrough in how we understand learning and memory.

Trouble with the protein may underlie most kinds of dementia, potentially including Alzheimer’s. New drugs could help.

As her mother’s memory fades, one writer watches it go, one handwritten note at a time.

Promising yet far from proven, this approach to treating post-traumatic stress neutralizes a memory just before it comes back to haunt you.