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Dozens of pandemic-era innovations, and the experience of teaching during a crisis, have all left an indelible mark.

Toxic work environments are bad for science. Morteza Mahmoudi is on a crusade to clean them up.

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The debate over one of the most contested exams in medical education comes to a head.

Medical marijuana has swept the country, but physicians aren’t trained how to use it.

Kayse Shrum is launching the first U.S. medical school affiliated with a Native American tribe—part of a strategy to train doctors where they’re needed most.

Roderic Pettigrew is training a new hybrid specialty—half physician, half engineer.

There’s no question that financial support for young scientists leads to medical breakthroughs. But now that formula is broken.

A low ebb in funding for young scientists resists easy answers.

Who should shoulder the cost of training new residents?