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For nearly a century, these patient histories have illuminated and advanced the art of medicine.

Dozens of pandemic-era innovations, and the experience of teaching during a crisis, have all left an indelible mark.

To prescribe an effective bridge to addiction treatment, emergency physicians must get special training and receive a waiver. Making that process easier—or eliminating the requirement altogether—could make a big impact.

As the first COVID-19 patients arrived, pressure mounted to discover how the disease worked and how it could be beaten back.

Pathologist Husain Sattar is becoming an icon—and a meme—to a generation of medical students.

Scientific collaborations with China are the latest front in the trade war. Foreign students are torn between two nations—and wrestling with a mental health crisis.

The debate over one of the most contested exams in medical education comes to a head.

For young people with chronic illnesses, the transition into adult care can be uncharted—and dangerous—territory.

Roderic Pettigrew is training a new hybrid specialty—half physician, half engineer.

Consumers are curious about their DNA, and Bryce Mendelsohn thinks hospitals should give them answers.