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Can encounters with nature be healing? Family physician Melissa Lem thinks they should be part of the medical toolkit.

An architect explores the foibles and potential of modern hospital design, in conjunction with a running exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt museum.

Positive psychology may be the next logical tool for cardiology, according to psychiatrist Jeff C. Huffman.

The World Health Organization gave Elizabeth Iro the job of advocating for nurses everywhere.

Robert Lefkowitz is best known for revealing the mechanism behind hundreds of drugs in use today. But he thinks of himself as a storyteller first and has a new book out to make his case.

COVID-19 cases are again on the rise. MGH incident commander Ann Prestipino reflects on the road traveled so far and which next steps are critical.

Toxic work environments are bad for science. Morteza Mahmoudi is on a crusade to clean them up.

When bad information spreads online, vulnerable groups often suffer the most. So how can you craft a public health message that people will hear?

The world’s leading labs want to create a novel vaccine in record time. A researcher from Boston’s Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard shares his view from the front lines.

Pathologist Husain Sattar is becoming an icon—and a meme—to a generation of medical students.