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Every nation has had its own experience of COVID-19. The stories of Denmark, a model of socialized care, and Rwanda, a bright spot among developing nations, both hold wider lessons for the world.

A novel coronavirus would come to affect every ward, clinician, researcher and patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The new normal meant new tasks to be done. Those jobs were often filled by very unconventional candidates.

A solo traveler is bitten by a rabid dog and must navigate her care abroad.

Scientific collaborations with China are the latest front in the trade war. Foreign students are torn between two nations—and wrestling with a mental health crisis.

Genomic analysis details how SARS-CoV-2 spread through Boston.

Scientists in unstable regions sometimes fear for their lives. Allan Goodman helps them find refuge and a chance to work again.

Vaccines are most helpful before an epidemic hits. So which diseases should researchers prepare for next?

Xóchitl Castañeda looks for the immigrants invisible to the U.S. health care system.

Adding or tweaking genes can improve the nutritional value of everyday foods.