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More research into coordination disorders shows why some children are more prone to trip, fumble and spill the milk.

Parts of the body are constantly being proposed or discovered. Where do they come from?

Machine intelligence takes a big step into the clinic, with a technology that helps identify patients with an elevated risk of breast cancer.

Expensive, clunky yet clinically invaluable, the positron emission tomography scanner is due for reinvention.

Artist and multiple sclerosis patient Elizabeth Jameson turns her brain scans into works of art.

In theory, smart microscopic particles could evade defenders and home in on cancer targets. Will reality catch up to the hype?

Tiny diamonds set loose in the body can promote a sharper MRI image.

Next-generation MRI machines can look far inside the brain, and map in minute detail where things go wrong.

The world of protein imaging undergoes a chilly revolution.

Mummies give up new secrets with the help of cutting-edge medical imaging tools.