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The Boer War was an early turning point in vaccination history.

New data may solve two of the most famous “cold cases” in medical history—the deaths of Ernest Shackleton and Edgar Allen Poe.

A novel coronavirus would come to affect every ward, clinician, researcher and patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Since its founding in 1811, MGH has both faced pandemics and learned from them.

Are there echoes of the “cholera riots” in the age of COVID-19?

Who most deserves a medical device? A brief history of an impossible conversation.

The 18th Amendment launched the most sweeping health experiment in U.S. history. Physicians—then and now—have debated its complex legacy.

Telemedicine made its first broadcast 50 years ago in an airport clinic.

Martin Hirsch explores the role of a tenacious virus and the role of “fake news” in the great epidemic of 1918.

A century after the worst plague in history, researchers seek a universal flu vaccine to head off a repeat of the disaster.