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Can studying salamanders and spiny mice help humans grow new limbs? Answer: It’s complicated.

By studying elite controllers—people who are able to arrest the progress of HIV without medication—researchers have found a promising new path.

Every tumor begins with a genetic mutation. Understanding how they occur and what they do may revolutionize cancer treatment.

Waiting a decade or more for new vaccines may be a thing of the past, thanks to the revolution of rational vaccine design.

Consumers are curious about their DNA, and Bryce Mendelsohn thinks hospitals should give them answers.

In Utah extensive data on families and their genetic anomalies are helping unlock secrets about major diseases.

Is risk of the disorder inherited, or do genes get scrambled in the womb? Researchers may be closing in on some answers.

Genetic tests and genome sequencing are generating terabytes of sensitive private data. How can they be kept safe?

More than marvels of biological architecture, structures within the cell nucleus may be intertwined with aging itself.

A new technology quickly spreads genetic mutations in the wild. Who will keep it from getting out of hand?