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Machine learning can create fake medical images and histories that look real. They may transform research.

COVID vaccines happened in record time. Could the next be even more rapid?

A medical resident reflects on her calling after a kidney transplant.

Since its arrival in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has already passed a dozen “million” milestones. Together, they tell a story that is far from over.

The pandemic brought both setbacks and opportunities for young scientists. But female researchers are getting the worst of it.

Some people who lose loved ones to COVID-19 will face an inconsolable grief—a second epidemic the nation is poorly prepared to handle.

A global pandemic treaty—a health plan on par with nuclear
and climate deals—is now in the works. Does it stand a chance?

Shirlene Obuobi—cartoonist and physician—shows how dark days sometimes call for a light touch.

Positive psychology may be the next logical tool for cardiology, according to psychiatrist Jeff C. Huffman.

Massachusetts broke ground on mandatory vaccination in 1905. History may repeat itself with COVID-19.