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COVID vaccines happened in record time. Could the next be even more rapid?

Large trials deliver results based on averages, not individuals. The N-of-1 model is a plucky—but labor-intensive—way to right the system.

In the shadow of coronavirus vaccine development, another vaccine was making solid progress.

As the first COVID-19 patients arrived, pressure mounted to discover how the disease worked and how it could be beaten back.

When the caseload began to ease, clinicians came to grips with the new normal as researchers set their sights on ending the pandemic for good.

One sure-fire way to test vaccines and treatments is to deliberately infect volunteers. Once unthinkable, the idea is quickly gaining steam.

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss how Massachusetts General Hospital is tackling COVID-19.

COVID-19 treatment trials will need to be nimble. Is this the moment for adaptive designs to step into the limelight?

As the role of the pharmacist changes, one program explores how it can help people with heart disease and other conditions.

What if drugs were released to the public earlier, then graded on their performance in the real world?