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A milestone vaccine will soon move forward in clinical trials. But does its target—the MAP bacterium—actually play a role in the condition?

Waiting a decade or more for new vaccines may be a thing of the past, thanks to the revolution of rational vaccine design.

Researchers are untangling how animals can live in the Arctic and Antarctic cold. The applications for human medicine could be vast.

Stroke researchers marvel at what hibernating animals can do. Now they’re searching for strategies that would benefit patients.

Humans and their pets suffer from many of the same ailments, and medications that cross the species barrier may help those on either side of it.

New gene-editing techniques let researchers create precisely the laboratory animals they need—but at what ethical cost?

Prized for more than 10,000 years as loyal companions, domestic dogs now also become a powerful ally in the fight against cancer

Animals may hold a key to cancer’s origins and treatment.

Can bees smell disease?

Far from replacing animal testing, computer simulation is leading to smarter experiments—and the need for more animals.