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Character traits can influence heart health, cognitive decline and other health factors. Are people prisoners of their dispositions?

How does the brain remember? As memory disorders become more common, the research race is on to determine how the process works, what can go wrong and how worn memories can be made whole again.

One way to get drugs through the blood-brain barrier: smuggle them across using sound waves.

In France, a home for people with dementia is designed from the ground up.

Indoor light can affect health in good ways and bad. Photobiologist Mariana Figueiro wants to get patients the optimal exposure.

In Utah extensive data on families and their genetic anomalies are helping unlock secrets about major diseases.

A high-fat, high-sugar diet can cause harm to the hippocampus—and that may lead, perversely, to even worse impulses around unhealthy food.

Miniature versions of organs help scientists understand disease and fine-tune treatments in ways that work in mice can’t match.

In a noisy, disorienting institutional environment, older patients often fall victim to delirium, a severe mental malady. Geriatric expert Sharon Inouye describes a program that can head off problems.

By studying the mysteries of anesthesia and how it affects the brain, Patrick Purdon may have found a new way to predict Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.