Lauren Arcuri

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome often face years of doubt from their medicalĀ providers. But now the physical hallmarksĀ of the disease are coming into focus.

Some people are born deaf; others lose hearing because of injury or as they age. New approaches could open their ears.

A new genetic test may hold the promise of greatly reducing unnecessary treatment in prostate cancer.

The final illness of the physician and author happens 100 years after the greatest outbreak of encephalitis lethargica.

Rapid genetic sequencing maps an Ebola outbreak in fine detail.

MGH researcher Biju Parekkadan may have discovered a breakthrough treatment for this global killer.

A shortfall has repercussions in policy and an international black market.

Internist and researcher Martin Blaser believes that disturbances in the gut may underlie several modern maladies.

Infusing colons with donated feces has led to remarkable cures and big questions about what’s safe and what’s next.

Disease foundations that use a venture capital model get a stake in the breakthroughs they fund. Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.