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Why do some people react poorly, even catastrophically, in emergency situations?

Martin Hirsch explores the role of a tenacious virus and the role of “fake news” in the great epidemic of 1918.

Scientists in unstable regions sometimes fear for their lives. Allan Goodman helps them find refuge and a chance to work again.

An invention for the battlefields of World War I led to the modern blood transfusion.

A photography exhibit profiles veterans who return home with life-altering wounds.

Which U.S. president left the biggest mark on modern medicine? Four historians cast their votes.

Research on chemical treatments for cancer began in the ashes of a world war.

A new foam technology might prolong life for those wounded on the battlefield.

Families of returning veterans sometimes develop mental health problems of their own. An MGH team studies the problem and looks for solutions.

Modern emergency care finds its roots in the Army of the Potomac.