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In 1922 the Berlin woman became the first to undergo gender-affirming surgery.

Taking organs from another species and making them work in humans is potentially a quantum leap in medicine. Here’s a summary of what got us there.

Photographer Elle Pérez documents the intimate lives of those in the LGBTQ community.

Sometimes prostate cancer is best served by a wait-and-see approach. Yet many patients and doctors can’t stand the thought of doing nothing. What would change their minds?

Despite a massive investment by hospitals, the jury is still out on how these machines affect outcomes.

The common surgical glove has an amorous past.

Parts of the body are constantly being proposed or discovered. Where do they come from?

Prolapse of the pelvic organs is uncomfortable and widespread, and its treatments are sometimes dangerous. But new approaches are on the way.

Guidelines for operating room attire may change in 2019 and ease tension over donning the controversial bouffant.

A patient seeks treatment while trying to observe the Sabbath.