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Mental health treatment for medical practitioners will never be the same.

The first surge of COVID-19 led to burnout, debilitating stress and suicide among hospital workers. How can we protect them better as infections once again start to rise?

They are dying at alarming rates in the United States. Treating mental illness, an often overlooked cause, could save many lives.

New speech analysis technologies can help diagnose mental illness. But they also raise troubling questions.

Psychiatry is finding its footing with machine intelligence. New tools may dramatically help those who need it the most.

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris highlight the need for new approaches to treating depression.

In Utah extensive data on families and their genetic anomalies are helping unlock secrets about major diseases.

As despair deaths reach historic levels in the United States, interventions at health care checkpoints may be the best way to bring them down.

Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act crosses the 20-year mark.

Experts comment on the risks of opioids and rising suicide rates.