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Can studying salamanders and spiny mice help humans grow new limbs? Answer: It’s complicated.

Prolapse of the pelvic organs is uncomfortable and widespread, and its treatments are sometimes dangerous. But new approaches are on the way.

Some people are born deaf; others lose hearing because of injury or as they age. New approaches could open their ears.

Stem cells, gene therapy and devices that can beam images directly into the brain offer new hope to those without sight.

The science of senescence has struggled to translate life-extending research from animals to people. Now the pace is quickening.

More children survive cancer, but infertility is often the cost. New techniques offer hope.

The long search for a blood substitute could take a major step forward this year.

Rare, elusive stem cells could explain why cancer is so difficult to cure—if they even exist.

Starving mice, drugs in the water and sighing.

Disfigured patients will risk anything for a shot at being normal. Three breakthroughs may improve their odds.