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Experts comment on the need for more research funding and better diabetes technology.

There’s no question that financial support for young scientists leads to medical breakthroughs. But now that formula is broken.

Peter L. Slavin and Timothy G. Ferris discuss the importance of research funding.

Given half a chance, non-scientists can also make discoveries that move medicine forward.

A low ebb in funding for young scientists resists easy answers.

The Cures Act wants to put more tools in the hands of those who fight drug-resistant bacteria. Can this war be won?

Facebook made sure that the world knew about ALS. Now what?

Disease foundations that use a venture capital model get a stake in the breakthroughs they fund. Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

Economist Larry Summers argues that, despite the need to limit government spending overall, health research must remain a top priority.

At Singapore’s gleaming Biopolis complex, researchers get all the money and lab support they need. What they don’t get is time.