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The human costs of amputation are sky high. A wave of innovation is working to keep patients intact.

A wounded World War II veteran transformed thinking about artificial limbs.

When the retina fails, the body’s window on the world slams shut. These futuristic treatments may pry it open again.

Human joints wear out, and often replacements do too. Now innovative designs are improving longevity and function.

One research team is working to make prosthetics more practical.

Another way to ensure patients take their medication: implant a dental prosthesis that releases drugs directly into their mouths.

Robert Barron, who once created masks for CIA agents, now uses his talent for a different purpose: bringing people disfigured by trauma and disease out from hiding.

Biofilms are microbial metropolises: teeming, diverse and, when attached to surgical implants, nearly impossible to subdue.

As more people receive joint implants, one company hopes to make a synthetic bone that works with the body, not against it.

Body parts, made quickly out of long-lasting materials, could be the future of prosthetic organs.