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When patients demand more than science can provide, high-priced, ineffective treatments can reach the market.

Helping patients in pain often means prescribing opioid drugs, which can be dangerous. New research looks into alternatives.

New therapies for stroke, multiple sclerosis and other conditions may get a boost from interhospital cooperation.

Drug prices are increasing at a historic rate. Should (and can) they be capped?

Two experts face off on new legislation that aims to speed up the approval process for drugs and medical devices.

A breakthrough Ebola vaccine was grown in tobacco leaves. Are genetically modified plants the future of pharmaceuticals?

Where does a medical breakthrough come from? Patients, caregivers and frontline doctors are all pitching in.

The ocean floor is teeming with microorganisms that may hold the secret to new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Culturing bacteria in the soil from which they came could lead researchers to breakthrough antibiotics

Five state legislatures now allow terminal patients to circumvent the FDA. Will this new path to experimental drugs help or hurt?