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A crisis in testing logistics leads to a breakthrough device.

As COVID-19 first swept through Boston, the people of Massachusetts General Hospital responded. Their efforts offer a portrait of medicine in motion.

After 40 days in a coma, one COVID-19 patient faces what he feels is a bigger challenge—the isolation of treatment in a pandemic.

Are there echoes of the “cholera riots” in the age of COVID-19?

One sure-fire way to test vaccines and treatments is to deliberately infect volunteers. Once unthinkable, the idea is quickly gaining steam.

The role of law enforcement has never been so fiercely debated. So should health officials rethink how the rules of COVID-19 get enforced?

The free online tool often takes the place of trained medical translators. How well is it doing?

A chronic condition gives rise to a woman’s “doctor shopping” checklist.

Advanced age brings special needs, especially in the emergency department. So some hospitals are changing designs and processes for their senior patients.

More and more websites are peddling “alternative facts” to deceive the public and sell bogus cures. Fixes won’t be simple.