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To prescribe an effective bridge to addiction treatment, emergency physicians must get special training and receive a waiver. Making that process easier—or eliminating the requirement altogether—could make a big impact.

Addiction treatment comes with its own strict privacy rules. Perhaps it shouldn’t.

Physician Mark Eisenberg discusses the furor over (and the desperate need for) safer injection sites.

Medical marijuana has swept the country, but physicians aren’t trained how to use it.

The California Death Certificate Project is finding the physicians associated with opioid overdoses. Is it justice or a witch hunt?

People with drug addictions produce more of a certain brain chemical—and research may point to new ways to block it.

Relaxed marijuana laws seem to cause a dip in prescription opioid misuse. But the picture isn’t that simple.

Neurologist Anne Louise Oaklander investigates a cause of chronic pain that is treatable without opioids.

Is the oldest treatment for opioid addictions being unjustly overlooked in the response to the current crisis?

More physicians are prescribing a class of drugs called gabapentinoids to manage pain. Should we be worried?