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A father tries to connect with his newborn son in the NICU.

Soon it will be both easy and inexpensive to screen a newborn’s whole genome. But that could be a terrible idea.

Although nitric oxide helps relieve certain lung conditions, it is expensive and cumbersome to use. A new invention produces the substance from thin air.

Does the body have a hidden highway between a mother’s digestive tract and the milk she produces?

Despite steady declines over the past decade, the U.S. still has one of the highest preterm birthrates in the developed world.

Lacking a standardized test to assess a baby’s health at birth, anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar created a simple rubric that persists more than a half century later.

Storing newborns’ blood for research creates a valuable resource—but some parents are trying to put a stop to the practice.

Operating in the womb sometimes has miraculous results. Yet many still question whether it should be done at all.

Engineering students at Duke University created the BlueRay, which is being used experimentally on jaundiced babies in the developing world.

Debora Spar of the Harvard Business School argues that new medical technology can’t go unregulated forever.