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A novel coronavirus would come to affect every ward, clinician, researcher and patient at Massachusetts General Hospital.

After 40 days in a coma, one COVID-19 patient faces what he feels is a bigger challenge—the isolation of treatment in a pandemic.

The new normal meant new tasks to be done. Those jobs were often filled by very unconventional candidates.

Indoor light can affect health in good ways and bad. Photobiologist Mariana Figueiro wants to get patients the optimal exposure.

Team care and structural changes could vastly improve the recovery of older patients. Yet institutions that implement such approaches remain rare.

It’s a matter of time before the next bombing, shooting or violent attack. How can emergency physicians save more lives?

Saving lives after a terrorist attack takes coordinated action, and hospitals are racing to improve their plans.

Charting the progression of today’s hospital terror.

Some countries have the problem of resistant staph well in hand; others don’t.