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Positive psychology may be the next logical tool for cardiology, according to psychiatrist Jeff C. Huffman.

Robert Lefkowitz is best known for revealing the mechanism behind hundreds of drugs in use today. But he thinks of himself as a storyteller first and has a new book out to make his case.

An unusual syndrome connects grief and stress to cardiac damage. Discoveries about its physiology reveal a complex connection to the brain.

The critical shortage of organs isn’t going away. Revising the current guidelines about who should be a donor—and who should be a recipient—might save lives.

Exercise is usually healthy. But taken to an extreme, can it put the heart in peril?

If transplant organs could be kept fresher for longer, they could help thousands more on waitlists.

A family regroups—and heals—as a daughter recovers from surgery.

Advances in pacemaker technology are making the devices safer, smaller and longer-lived.

Attitudes towards hormone therapy have shifted toward a more nuanced approach.

Sharply pared budgets could kill the Framingham Heart Study—after 50 years of astonishing research breakthroughs.