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For decades, researchers have looked at social factors to explain the greater presence of disease in Black populations. But the stress of experiencing racism causes great harm, too.

Social unrest came on the coattails of the pandemic, and hospital workers rose to fight that battle, too.

The crises of racism and COVID-19 overlap and reinforce one another. What steps can medicine take to make the pandemic response more just?

Tropical diseases thrive little noticed and unaddressed in the poorest areas of the United States.

Doctors have a long history as fighters for social causes. What can be done to make sure that legacy isn’t lost?

Xóchitl Castañeda looks for the immigrants invisible to the U.S. health care system.

Jack Geiger discusses the importance of physician activism in promoting community health

Peter L. Slavin and Thomas J. Lynch Jr. discuss the role of clinicians in promoting health beyond the hospital.

The health care system still delivers poorer care, on average, to African American patients. What can be done?

MGH president Peter Slavin discusses racial disparities at the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges.