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A son finds that his father’s alcoholism complicates efforts at elder care during the pandemic.

As despair deaths reach historic levels in the United States, interventions at health care checkpoints may be the best way to bring them down.

It’s a matter of time before the next bombing, shooting or violent attack. How can emergency physicians save more lives?

Saving lives after a terrorist attack takes coordinated action, and hospitals are racing to improve their plans.

Readers weigh in on the expanding field of community paramedicine and the role of chaplains in hospitals.

Some paramedics are focusing on keeping patients out of the emergency room, rather than taking them there.

One group of patients, also known as frequent fliers, account for a disproportionate share of health care spending: super-utilizers.

A woman assaulted with a box-cutter finds a friend and guide in her plastic surgeon.

When two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, a painstakingly rehearsed emergency response plan sprang into action.

Hospitals around the nation have adopted ways to help alleviate delays in operating rooms.