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The economic pinch weakened hospitals and providers. How can we build them up again?

There’s no question that financial support for young scientists leads to medical breakthroughs. But now that formula is broken.

Alcohol use is at an all-time high among older Americans, and that trend brings a host of health risks.

A low ebb in funding for young scientists resists easy answers.

Photographer Walter Arnold captures the beauty of a forsaken hospital.

Atheendar Venkataramani explores the detrimental effects that immigration policy can have on the mental health of undocumented immigrants.

Dashed expectations in midlife may be fueling a sharp rise in suicides. Several strategies seek to save people in despair.

Drug prices are increasing at a historic rate. Should (and can) they be capped?

Advocates rally around a new standard for cancer drug pricing. But will it have the desired effect?

Scientific funding has hit a long rough patch. The director of the MGH Research Institute explores alternative ways to provide sustainable and rewarding careers for the next generation of scientists.