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A metabolic slowdown would press pause on the body until surgeons can repair damage. How close is it to becoming a reality?

Hurricane Maria shut down a factory where intravenous fluid bags were made. Why has this roiled a nation’s hospital system?

Experts weigh in on the promise of curing blindness and hospital readiness after mass casualty events.

It’s a matter of time before the next bombing, shooting or violent attack. How can emergency physicians save more lives?

Saving lives after a terrorist attack takes coordinated action, and hospitals are racing to improve their plans.

Children are the most vulnerable during a disaster. So why isn’t the emergency response system better at helping them?

Three months after the last major earthquake in Nepal, two emergency responders from MGH describe the practicalities of delivering care in a disaster zone.

The best intentions don’t always add up to a fast, effective medical response. A multidisciplinary approach could help.

All the terrifying world’s a stage, and artists borrow tools of the theater to give models in drills remarkably lifelike wounds and burns.

When two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, a painstakingly rehearsed emergency response plan sprang into action.