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More time on the couch—the byproduct of stay-at-home measures—carries its own danger. The “exercise sprint” and other workarounds may save us.

Religious fasts offer opportunities for reflection, penitence and good data about human dietary needs.

Kayse Shrum is launching the first U.S. medical school affiliated with a Native American tribe—part of a strategy to train doctors where they’re needed most.

The human costs of amputation are sky high. A wave of innovation is working to keep patients intact.

As the role of the pharmacist changes, one program explores how it can help people with heart disease and other conditions.

Experts comment on the need for more research funding and better diabetes technology.

Automated systems could soon take the guesswork out of managing diabetes. But will patients trust them with their lives?

Poor diet makes some health conditions much worse. For Rita Nguyen, that’s an invitation for hospitals to step into the kitchen.

A woman with diabetes struggles to be heard in the emergency room.

An ambitious data project may help doctors predict when a patient’s diabetes will take a turn for the worse.