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How does the brain remember? As memory disorders become more common, the research race is on to determine how the process works, what can go wrong and how worn memories can be made whole again.

In France, a home for people with dementia is designed from the ground up.

Every incapacitated patient needs someone to help make medical decisions on their behalf. But some lack any friends or family members who could help.

Gun ownership is highest among the elderly. When dementia strikes, few laws can step in to keep these patients and their caregivers safe.

More Americans are dying with dementia and Alzheimer’s. A Proto video series explores how hospitals, doctors and policy makers may be failing them.

The Oscar-nominated film puts Alzheimer’s front and center. An MGH social worker talks about the disease behind the story.

Dementia care has an end-of-life problem. The author explores the system’s shortfalls through her mother’s last days.

New approaches can combat the steep costs of caring for dementia patients.